Honest Amish Beard Oil Review

Honest Amish Review Beard OilWe’re sure a lot of you would be familiar with the famous tagline “Better than an oil” coined by Honest Amish Beard Oil. Honest Amish Beard Balm was an immediate success, but that was also a time when competition was limited, the audience was limited and well, people didn’t really care much about grooming their facial hair. Fast forward a few years later and we are looking at a multi-billion dollar industry with hundreds of players in the market.

This is where Honest Amish Beard Oil definitely stands out. Their credibility runs deep with the users of their products and the addition of beard oil to their portfolio has definitely made them superior.

What is good about it?

Honest Amish is known to never compromise on their ingredients and that’s exactly what they have done. Choosing a careful mix of essential and carrier oils, they have created a wonderful grooming product for bearded men.

This beard oil contains jojoba oil as its base. Jojoba oil is commonly used oil in most grooming products. Jojoba oil resembles a similar molecular structure to sebum. Which is the oil produced naturally by our scalp.

However, it is the blend of the other major ingredients which make the mix so much better than the rest. Avocado Oil carries a ton of nutrients for your skin and hair and facilitates complete absorption.

The Super Ingredients

Review of honest amish beard oilArgan & Sweet Almond Oil help with texture and provide the moisturizing touch. Ingredients in beard oil can differ, but the important ones in the Honest Amish beard oil are Kukui Nut Oil and Moringa oil. These are ingredients that have not been used in any other beard oil.

Moringa Oil is extracted directly from the Moringa Oleifera tree. The moringa oil is excellent for your skin and hair. The best part of this oil is that it isn’t restricted to just improving skin and hair. It helps to fight rashes, signs of ageing, wrinkles and most importantly, beard dandruff. It also has healing properties and helps to improve one’s sleep.

Kukui Nut similarly acts a protector. It protects the skin and hair from any kind of external elements such as dirt, dust or any other contaminants. It also reacts with the skin very easily, reducing the effect of rashes and cuts.

Mixology at its best

What is most fascinating about the Honest-Amish Classic Beard oil is how right the mixing team has got this formula. The oils blend in so perfectly together that there are no pores-clogging. This means even people with acne prone skin are absolutely recommended to use this product.

The oil is non-greasy and non-sticky and comes with a wonderful scent. This beard oil also comes with an eye dropper which makes it fairly simple to decide the quantity of the oil, especially for beginners.

What does the user say?

After just a few days of using this beard oil, customers have talked about how soft and manageable their beards have become. The texture of their beards has almost changed over-night and moreover, it’s really simple to use. Yes, there have been some customer reviews stating how it doesn’t work for thick, coarse beards. Those are few and are completely over-shadowed by the benefits this product offers.

This is a great product coming out of the Honest Amish’s kitty bag and could definitely be called the best beard oil out there. If you are looking where to buy Honest Amish Beard Oil then look no futher than on amazon.

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