Do beard growth products work?

man using beard growth productsDo beard growth products work? There is no easy way to really answer this question. There are many bearded brothers out there, trying every trick of the trade to grow their beard. This includes investing in beard growth oils and lotions and many of these products do enhance the growth of your hair.

Some of the most popular beard growth products include VitaBeard and Beardilizer, which have been propagating this for a long time. Let us dig in a little deeper to understand, do beard growth products work or is it just hype?

What goes into beard growth products?

Well, it’s important to understand what really goes into making these products. It is mostly a large combination of different vitamins which they’re selling.

Now, before you imagine what so many vitamins can do to you, let us understand that these combinations of vitamins are contained in many multi-vitamins. So essentially, if you take a multi-vitamin daily, you’ll be covering your dose of these vitamins.

Vitamin B1, B2, B5, B6, B12, Pantothenic acid and Niacin present in hair products, if taken in the right dosage can enhance hair’s flexibility, texture, shine, growth and prevent hair loss.

There is one particular vitamin that has been receiving special attention and that is Vitamin B7, commonly referred to as Biotin.

Biotin is this vitamin that is said to spur hair and nail growth. Well, biotin works towards activation of enzymes that support the metabolism of proteins, fats, carbohydrates and carbon dioxide. With biotin products, you can prevent hair loss and brittle hair.

Now, do beard growth products work in terms of ingredients? If they use these vitamins, then probably yes. Organic beard products such as oils, balms, and soaps can also be helpful for hair growth because they are free from chemical ingredients.

The Marketing Hype around Beard Growth Products

beard growth products supplementsIt is no longer a secret that men are spending thousands of dollars on beard transplants and beard growth products. As the unshaven, scruffy look is taking over, this has given room for beard growth products to rise exponentially.

Some men of the clean-shaven generation can’t understand the difficulties associated with growing a beard. Men have known to spend countless number of hours on their beards. It has been estimated, according to some reports, that men’s toiletries grew by almost 4 per cent in the year ending 2016. Raising its value to a whopping 3.4 billion.

From being an industry controlled by a few, many new start-ups have emerged. Selling different kinds of creams, oils, lotions and quick ways of growing that perfect beard. It can be compared to the fairness cream marketing era, where women in certain parts of the world were queuing up in lines to “become fair”.

So do these beard growth products give results?

Yes, it has worked for many who have seen a noticeable difference in their beard growth. While growth largely depends on genetics. The purpose of vitamins is to supplement your lifestyle with the right ingredients to lead a healthy life.

When we take into consideration our lifestyles, you will find there is lack of vitamins which can hamper all-round growth. This includes beard growth. Leading a healthy lifestyle like getting enough sleep and exercising coupled with a daily dose of vitamins could be a better way of growing your beard.

To conclude, products can be used to clean, nourish, and maintain your beard. While these products do have nourishing ingredients, the question of “Do Beard Growth Products work?” can be answered positively. Only if you complement them with a healthy lifestyle.

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